CloudDevs: AI (LLM) Fullstack Engineer

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CloudDevs is hiring AI full-stack engineers. Applicants must have proven software shipping experience, proficiency in multiple programming languages, and strong English communication.

About the Job

CloudDevs, a San Francisco-based company, is on the lookout for highly skilled AI full-stack developers. Successful applicants will be employed by venture-backed startups, being instrumental in their early-stage growth.

Minimum qualifications

Applicants are expected to have a solid track record of shipping software and successful app releases with a minimum of 5 years of commercial experience using front-end JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue and major backend frameworks including Rails, Python, Go, Elixir, Java, Flask, and NodeJS. A bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent practical experience is required. Moreover, they should possess a strong command of the English language, be exceptional problem solvers, and be comfortable with open communication and collaboration across distributed teams.

Role and Responsibilities

The hired full-stack engineer will design, develop, and implement custom generative and discriminative LLMs, similar to GPD or BERT, as well as create wrapper applications based on ChatGTP and other LLMs. The role also involves designing and implementing systems for AI alignment, Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) instruction models, and AI guardrails. Additionally, routine rigorous tests are to be conducted to check the LLMs' performance across standardized benchmarks and custom evaluations while also applying advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to solve complex natural language problems and translating technical findings into clear, actionable insights for a non-technical audience.

Specialized Requirements

Applicants should have experience with generative LLM fine-tuning and prompt engineering, proficiency with deep learning frameworks, as well as experience with Hugging Face Transformers and other open source NLP/NLG modules. Individuals interested in the role may apply through the provided link on the company's website.

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San Francisco

Software development


November 26, 2023


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