Sr. Data Scientist

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Join Coinbase's mission to increase economic freedom worldwide by becoming part of their team. Demonstrate positivity, a love of learning, and a 'can do' attitude.

About Coinbase

Coinbase is an organization with a mission to increase economic freedom around the world. The team is comprised of hard-working individuals focusing on building the future of finance and Web3. The ideal candidates are self-starters who lead in group projects and are driven by their passion for trading, storing, staking, and using cryptocurrency.

Hiring Criteria

The organization looks for a few key attributes in every potential hire, irrespective of their role or team. Firstly, people who will suit the organization's culture; that is, those who are naturally trusting, appreciate feedback and are disruptively creative. Secondly, employees must be dedicated to their mission-focused approach to work. Lastly, it is key that the potential hires have a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and the high-intensity nature of the job.

Job Capabilities and Expectations

Ideal candidates are positive in attitude, eternally ready to learn, and are experts in technology such as DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and Web 3.0. The organization values transparent, bi-directional communication and appreciates candid feedback. Adaptability is crucial in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies; hence, a willingness to shift priorities is important. A 'get things done' attitude is appreciated given the fast-paced nature of the work.

Data Science at Coinbase

Data Science plays an instrumental role at Coinbase, working closely with the Product, Engineering, and Design teams to steer the roadmap and understand user behavior. Their expertise in analytics and advanced modeling helps produce insights that impact the company's bottom line.

Job Duties and Requirements

The role demands the conduction and execution of detailed analyses and models, measurement of business performance, and synthesis of data into persuasive narratives. Candidates must have a degree in a quantitative field, an understanding of statistical concepts, and experience in SQL and Python programming/modeling.

Pay Transparency Notice

Annual salaries can range from $140,250-$206,000 USD depending on location, along with bonus, equity and benefits including medical, dental, vision and 401(k).

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Data science


November 27, 2023


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