Famly: Scala Backend Engineer

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Famly is hiring a Scala Backend Engineer ready to work fully remote or onsite in selected locations. Strengthen our platform used by thousands of daycares.

Famly Is Hiring

Famly, a top solution for daycare administrators and parents, is currently seeking a Scala Backend Engineer. Headquartered in Denmark, they are exploring full-time remote work, but some location options for physical workspaces include: Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), Leicester or London (UK), and Lisbon (Portugal).

Background of Famly

Created out of a desire to bridge the gap between parents and their children while at daycare, Famly was founded by two friends determined to improve the nursery school communication system. Today, the team has grown to around 140 staff members, serving 6,500 nurseries. Their software simultaneously aids in child development and improves professional tools and plans for over 34,000 childcare professionals. This work is aimed at reducing administrative burden and freeing up more time for the care of children.

Role and Responsibilities

The new Scala Backend Engineer will contribute to building innovative GraphQL and REST APIs in their respective team made up of designers, front-end developers, back-end developers and other personnel. They will be an essential part of the planning, designing, developing, and launching of new features and updates. Teaming up with Backend Chapter will provide them with the opportunity to shape the future of the tech stack and tools, and simplify the code.

Skills Required

Famly prefers individuals with excellent command over backend development using functional programming, data modeling in relational databases, and APIs in GraphQL and REST. Experience with technologies such as Scala, PHP, MySQL, cats, cats-effect, and slick is appreciated. Other essential skills include quick learning, excellent communication skills, critical thinking, and kindness. Famly encourages applications from both mid and senior level individuals.

Why Choose Famly

Famly prides itself in its diverse, inclusive culture and supportive team. They offer a large variety of benefits, including premium work equipment, equitable perks, career development opportunities, and a generous yearly training and conference budget. Remote employees can look forward to the same treatment as onsite colleagues, and opportunities to visit the Copenhagen headquarters for onboarding and tech meetups.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their CV and a cover letter detailing what they can offer Famly. The interview process will consist of an introductory chat with the People Partner, a logical test, a take-home technical task with a follow-up chat and a personal interview. Famly is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from diverse candidates.

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remote or Copenhagen, Denmark or Berlin, Germany or Leicester, UK or London, UK or Lisbon, Portugal

Software development


November 29, 2023


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