Senior Full-Stack Java Developer

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Discover the role at Lumen centered on design and development of new software. Explore the responsibilities and required skillset for the position.

About Lumen

Lumen is a leading tech company that fosters human progress through advanced technology. They maintain a significant global presence with 450,000 route fiber miles, serving clients in over 60 countries. The company provides the fastest and most secure global platform for applications and data, aiding businesses, governments, and communities in delivering impressive experiences.

Job Role

This opportunity at Lumen is for a team leader with responsibility for designing, developing, coding, testing, and debugging new complex software or significant enhancements to existing software. The role also encompasses documentation review, application of technology solutions and project completion. It involves vendor selection and management in collaboration with a team.

As a key part of this position, the successful candidate will rapidly deploy dedicated internet connectivity over multi-service ports for Network-as-a-Service with LumenĀ® Internet On-Demand.

Main Responsibilities

The role involves collaboration with various personnel to create top-tier websites and applications; development of a sustainable front-end framework; and developing creative marketing technology solutions. The job-holder will also be in charge of estimating project timelines, and providing leadership in short- and long-term technology planning and policy development. An essential part is also to lead in-establishing and implementing standards to facilitate a quality IT infrastructure for all clients.

Candidate Requirements

Desired qualifications include a Bachelors in Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering or equivalent experience. Additionally, it is necessary to have at least 7 years of experience and knowledge in Software Defined Networking, router configurations, and/or provisioning tools and processes. Programming skills in Java, Groovy Script, Python , Node JS are also required. Familiarity with Linux/Unix Systems (Red Hat/CentOS) and their Kernel, Utilities, Installation, package management is also important. Preferable skills include experience with JSON or XML, development of reliable, fault-tolerant software, Jira Agile practices, source code control, Cloud-Ready Application Experience, and Automation Testing.


The pay range varies depending on region and skills, experience, education, and other business needs. Salary ranges from $94420 to $136665.

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Software development


December 3, 2023


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