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Recruiting opportunity at Host Healthcare with potential earnings of $40,000-$200,000. Strong interpersonal skills and self-motivation required.

Host Healthcare Senior Recruiter Opportunity

Realize lucrative earnings between $40,000 to $120,000 in the first year as a Senior Recruiter at Host Healthcare, with most recruiters making $120,000-$200,000 in their second year through hourly rates and commissions. This position is essential in successfully placing clinicians in multiple healthcare specialties across varying healthcare clients.

Host Healthcare Senior Recruiters are focus-driven, placing a strong emphasis on establishing a robust relationship with clinicians through proactive recruitment and placing them in varied open temporary job profiles that align with their clinical experiences across health systems, acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health organizations and more.

A successful candidate is not only self-motivated to exceed placement targets, but also has a keen desire to assist clinicians scale their career. This individual needs excellent interpersonal communication skills, maintain a positive outlook and exhibit Host’s core values of Team Strength, Personal Accountability, Driven by Excellence, and Mastering Our Craft.

Key Duties, Responsibilities and Qualifications

The Senior Recruiter invariably meets and surpasses sales goals through consistently new placements. Through active prospecting, identifies open job opportunities that match the candidate’s experience and interests. Senior Recruiters ensures rapid candidate progression through the hiring process and drives offer acceptance.

Qualifications for this role incorporate a high school diploma, with a Bachelor’s degree being an added advantage. Sales experience, knowledge in healthcare and technology, and excellent communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills are desirable.

Benefits and Compensation

Host Healthcare offers a range of benefits including uncapped commissions. Other benefits include medical, dental, vision insurance from day 1, disability insurance, life insurance, 401K eligibility after 6 months, PTO, paid holidays and remote work options.

Additionally, equipment for the job is provided, along with training programs for growth and development. Flexible offerings like discounted gym memberships and pet insurance are also available.

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Host Healthcare




December 5, 2023


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