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Retool is revolutionizing software development by providing internal tools for businesses. This greatly saves time and resources. Join in for an evolving experience.

About Retool

Retool is a dynamic tech company transforming how software is crafted. They provide swift and efficient ways for businesses to create internal tools, freeing up vital time, resources, and engineering potential. Acting as a force multiplier for developer prowess, Retool propels the speed of software development. With its mission being supported by a superb team, the company invites more people onboard.

The Role for a Web Engineer

Retool’s state-of-the-art internal software powers a myriad of companies, including Fortune 500 companies and budding startups. Realizing that their web presence is usually the via point for first impressions, Retool strives to provide a seamless online experience that epitomizes their fast, flexible, powerful product. In line with this vision, the company is in the hunt for a full-stack web engineer who will operate at the nexus of design, programming, and content.

Job Description

The engineer will assume the full responsibility of all web-related projects, communicating technical concessions and design approaches with stakeholders. The incumbent will also assess the present tech stack and content management setup, developing a future framework that aligns with Retool's ambitious milestones. The successful candidate will be part of a small web engineering team, closely liaising with various departments such as design, marketing, and growth to develop a secure platform for new feature launches, customer content delivery, and Retool discovery and learning.

Skills Required

Interested applicants should have at least four years of experience in web standards and the modern full-stack web environment, acknowledge the Gatsby and Next.js frameworks and the Contentful CMS platform, possess advanced problem-solving skills, comprehend web accessibility standards, and have a passion for the minute details. They should also be familiar with analytics and web monitoring platforms, marketing concepts, understand technical SEO, and manage several projects in tandem in a high-growth startup environment.

Additional Information

Retool offers attractive benefits to all its staff members. However, currently, they can only employ in the UK and US.

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Web design


January 11, 2024


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