eCellula: Versatile full-stack Rust / Typescript developer

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Job opening for a versatile full stack Rust/Typescript developer at eCellula, a remote-first Life Science services company.

eCellula: A Remote-first, Life Science Services Company

eCellula is an organization that's predominantly remote and offers services in the Life Science sector. It extensively collaborates with pharma, biotech, and other related customers across the globe.

Job Role

The selected candidate will be tasked with developing full stack applications using a variety of modern technologies for the customers. They'll constantly work on digital products to help facilitate their market introduction, being in close cooperation with product management, designers, scientists, and other coders. Another responsibility involves building DevOps pipelines in accordance with continuous integration or continuous delivery best practices.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal prospect must possess a deep passion for programming and product-building. They should be practical, customer-centric, possess excellent communication abilities, and feature a positive, humble demeanor. Both junior and medior candidates with relevant experience are encouraged to apply, though senior candidates are welcome too.

Professional Competencies

Expected skills include knowledge or willingness to learn Rust, JavaScript/Typescript, and React quickly. Desirable but nonessential skills include familiarity with Tauri framework, Python, UX and graphic design, C/C++, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), and DevOps. Experience in remote work and any exposure in the Life Sciences sector (like bioinformatics, LIMS, clinical trials, etc.) would give a candidate an edge.

Company Benefits

eCellula offers diverse and intriguing projects spanning several industries including life sciences and game development. It provides flexible working schedules, goal-oriented and developer-friendly management, and opportunities to contribute to open source projects. Furthermore, competitive international compensation packages and profit participation options (vested over time) are available.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure commences with a short interview call followed by a take-home technical assignment. The company values your time and hence the assignment is compensated even if not finally selected. However, willingness to undertake the assignment is non-negotiable.

Application Process

The position is set to commence in January 2024 and is open to full-time applicants only. Interested candidates can apply via the link provided in the original job posting.

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January 14, 2024


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