Director – Growth Marketing

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Webflow is looking for a Director, Growth Marketing to spearhead growth strategies and user acquisition, providing leadership in both paid and organic channels.

About Webflow and the Job

Webflow is an innovative company that offers a unique platform for visually building robust websites without the need for coding. Its mission seeks to provide everyone with development superpowers. With the blend of modern web technologies into a solitary platform, Webflow helps people save time on engineering while generating clean code in the background. Offering its services to a broad spectrum of clients from independent designers to Fortune 500 companies, Webflow is continuously expanding and evolving in its goal to make the web better.

In the midst of this evolution, Webflow is now seeking for a new Director, Growth Marketing who will be charged with the revamping of their user acquisition strategies. This is a high-level role that will involve close coordination with a growth marketing team comprising 10 or more professionals focused on both organic and paid digital marketing channels.

Roles and Responsibilities

The position demands expertise in channel optimization, strategic and team leadership, and cross-functional collaboration. The Growth Marketing Director will also be tasked with the responsibility of expanding Webflow's market presence, developing and executing growth strategies that target higher-value customer segments in line with the company’s expansion goals. This role will be a remote-first position, full-time, and exempt. In addition, part of the responsibilities include identifying personal interests and development opportunities and incorporating them into the work role.


Interested applicants will need to have over 6 years of experience managing Growth Marketing teams, demonstrated success in conceptualizing and executing innovative acquisition programs, familiarity with digital tools for data insights, and a proven record in effective collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Employee Benefits and Perks

Webflow also provides several benefits for its full-time employees, such as equity ownership in the company, employer-paid healthcare coverage, paid parental leave, flexible PTO with mandatory annual minimum paid time off, sabbatical program, access to mental wellness coaching, professional career coaching, and financial wellness benefits.

Lastly, Webflow stands by a strong culture of equality and inclusivity. Their commitment to building a global team that showcases diversity underlines their value for a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, and experiences. This principle applies to their employment decisions as well, which are made solely based on job-related criteria.

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January 15, 2024


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