GoTu: Backend Developer

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Tech startup GoTu is seeking an experienced Backend Developer. The venture-backed company is disrupting the dental industry with unique application solutions.

About GoTu

GoTu is a venture-backed tech startup based in Miami that is transforming the way the dental industry operates. Launched in 2019, the company aims at creating an Uber-like platform to disrupt the dental staffing industry. GoTu has developed the largest community of nationwide hygienists and dental offices, overshadowing its well-established competition in the dental tech staffing landscape. It aspires to become the industry standard for dental staffing needs in the dental sector.

The Working Environment

As a member of the GoTu team, you will work alongside dedicated engineers whose work is imperative to the company's success. GoTu is a people-first organization that values the input of its employees and aims at their professional success. The company believes in combining work with fun and encourages employees to foster good relationships with their colleagues.

Job Qualifications

The ideal candidate should possess 3-5 years of experience with software development in one or more programming languages and be available for meetings on weekdays from 9 AM - 11 AM Eastern American time. A candidate should also have 3 years of experience testing, maintaining, or launching software products, and 1 year of experience with software design and architecture. Proficient programming skills in JavaScript, understanding of relational database systems, especially MySQL and Postgres, and experience with NoSQL Datastores, including ElasticSearch and MongoDB, are desirable. Experience with modern cloud technologies such as AWS or Google Cloud, microservices, and service-oriented architecture is an added advantage.

Job Responsibilities

The hired candidate will work in a vibrant and rapidly growing startup, researching unique solutions to novel engineering challenges. The role involves designing impactful products with designers, product managers, and engineers, and promoting code best practices. The successful candidate will significantly contribute towards improving scalable distributed systems on the cloud, and enhancing web applications for performance and scalability. Quality assurance/debugging procedures to provide a secure and functional delivery are also part of the role. The candidate will implement testing protocols for managing successful deployments across development, staging, and production environments and will recommend system solutions by comparing custom development and purchasing alternatives.

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Software development


January 15, 2024


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