LeadSimple, Inc.: Senior Software Engineer II

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LeadSimple is seeking three distinct Software Engineers roles with different expertise. Discover and apply to be part of the life-changing solution.

LeadSimple Senior Software Engineer Roles Description

LeadSimple, a company based in Washington State, USA, is on the hunt for three Senior Software Engineers to join their teams. These are well-defined roles demanding proficiency in specific areas.

The roles include a Progressive Web App (PWA) Engineer, an AI Engineer, and a Comms Integration Engineer. The PWA Engineer is expected to create excellent user experiences on mobile, utilizing their expertise in React and understanding of PWAs. The AI Engineer is responsible for building AI features using commercially available APIs with Ruby. The Comms Integration Engineer will prioritize communication and deeper integration with Twilio, Gmail, and Microsoft APIs, needing a strong Ruby Backend Engineering skill set.

A Day in the Life of a LeadSimple Senior Software Engineer

Tasks range from building amazing experiences for customers, making significant contributions to scale the team, examining incoming tickets, participating in weekly meetings and performance reviews, verifying code changes, and managing technical design responsibilities of projects. All the while, ensuring adherence to best practices and timely addressing of customer-reported bugs.

First 90 Day Expectations

In the first 30 days, the engineer is expected to familiarize themselves with the company, product, and codebase. By day 60, contributions to the development process should be consistent and meaningful. By day 90, they should be capable of independently handling tasks. During this period, they should also successfully complete at least one on-call rotation.

Perks of Working with LeadSimple

Benefits include company holidays, paid time off, healthcare allowance, yearly vacation allowance, and a fun, outcome-driven work environment. The company also boasts location independence and a strong mission-driven ethos.

Interview Process

The interview process involves an application, video questionnaire, several interviews that include hiring manager and culture fit interviews, a work sample test, and an offer call. Successful applicants will then receive a written offer and begin a 90-day onboarding period.

Fitting into the LeadSimple Culture

Applicants who embody a can-do attitude, are fast learners, communicate clearly, seek solutions proactively, show emotional maturity, and own outcomes will be a good fit for the company. Experience in the B2B SaaS arena is a bonus.

To apply for the roles, visit the LeadSimple careers page or the provided WeWorkRemotely link.

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Washington State, USA

Software development


January 18, 2024


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