Sr. Software Engineer – Frontend

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Senior Software Engineering, Frontend role at Gremlin. Shape the internet’s reliability through developing Chaos Engineering tooling.

About Gremlin’s Mission

Gremlin has devoted itself to enhancing the Internet's dependability through groundbreaking advancements in Chaos Engineering. By servicing enterprises like Target and Twilio, as well as JP Morgan Chase, that depend on uptime for their complex, distributed SaaS applications, Gremlin is revealing vulnerabilities typically overlooked by conventional DevOps and IT procedures. Being at the forefront of this developing technology phase is truly exciting.

About The Role of the Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

The Senior Software Engineer, Frontend, will be involved in improving the overarching reliability of the internet. They will partake in the development of Reliability Engineering tooling and collaborate with a team of talented individuals, focusing on delivery quality and predictability, aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Role Expectations and Requirements

The ideal candidate will be working in tandem with engineers, designers, and product managers to design and build the latest Chaos Engineering tools. Strong collaboration and communication skills are key to delivering new features while working remotely. Partnering with different departments, such as design, to understand customer needs and carving interfaces beneficial to customer success is crucial. They are expected to have 5+ years of professional Frontend software engineering experience along with experience in infrastructure and system-level technologies. Experience in agile development and strong testing practices are also recommended. Knowledge and experience in cloud technologies are a plus.

Company Culture at Gremlin

Gremlin is a company comprised of industry veterans and enthusiastic learners, committed to pushing for reliability improvements. They house a remote team environment that fosters collaboration and respect, rewarding productivity and low drama over perfection. Striving for diversity, Gremlin welcomes anyone, believing that diverse voices contribute to building a more reliable internet.

Notes on the Role

Bonus experiences include cloud technologies such as AWS, DynamoDB, and Serverless. Being on-call and participating in an incident management program is highly appreciated. It’s important to note that the role does not offer sponsorship employment benefits.


In addition to competitive compensation, Gremlin understands the importance of benefits and provides 401K match, Stock Options and a comprehensive health package. They also offer flexible PTO and organize team activities, both virtually and in-person. The chance to grow, regardless of who you are, is provided, as they believe in the power of diversity and its contribution to a more reliable internet.

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Software development


January 20, 2024


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