Grouse Software Labs Inc: Sr. Full Stack Engineer (Javascript/Typescript, Node/React)

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Grouse Software Labs is hiring a Sr. Full-Stack Engineer with expertise in Javascript/Typescript, Node.js, React. Apply to join a flexible, productive team.

About the Job

If you're an experienced full-stack engineer seeking control over the technical side of what you're building, Grouse Software Labs invites your application for a senior-level role. As the technical lead, you would engage directly with the founder in designing, developing, and maintaining the company's application. Duties will involve both back-end and front-end development, rapid design, and implementation of new features along with constant optimization of the web application.

About You

You should bring deep, full-stack experience, particularly in back-end (Node.js) and front-end (React) development. With at least 5 years' background in similar roles, ideally in a customer-facing application, you'll be ready to work closely with the founder to shape the technical side of the business. A knack for balance—adding features while improving performance and security—is a must.

About Us

Grouse Software Labs is a thriving SaaS business offering a small app integrating with Google calendar. Our operational model involves remote collaboration using tools like Slack, Notion, and Google Docs, offering a stress-free working environment. Our focus is growth, aiming at feature-building to improve our activation funnel, and enhancing our revenue. With predictable earnings and an effective customer acquisition channel, we believe in doing what we like, the way we love.

Your Role

You will primarily develop and improve the front-end and back-end components of our web application using our tech stack: Javascript/Typescript, React, Node.js, and PostgreSQL. Performance management of the web application, troubleshooting, and debugging will also be your responsibilities.

Your Background

Your background should endorse at least 5 years of experience as a full-stack software engineer in an application with active customers. Strong proficiency in Javascript/Typescript React, Node.js, PostgreSQL, experience with API's, system architecture, performance management of a web app, and DevOps experience using Heroku or similar platforms is required.


Join us and enjoy the freedom of setting your own work schedule, 4 weeks vacation plus local holidays, future profit sharing, and a salary between $6,500 - $7,500 USD per month depending on experience.

To apply for this remote role, please visit here.

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Grouse Software Labs


Software development


January 21, 2024


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