Growth Tools: Inside High Ticket Sales Representative w/ Signing Bonus

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Remote high-ticket sales job at Growth Tools, offering uncapped commissions and a sign-on bonus. Aiming to add $100m in revenue to clients' businesses.

A compelling opportunity at Growth Tools

Growth Tools is seeking a high-ticket sales representative to join their team in a 100% remote capacity with a starting bonus of $5,000 and a potential salary ranging from $100-180K+ per year.

Growth Tools is driven by their mission to generate $100,000,000 of revenue into their clients' businesses. This requires ambitious individuals ready to make a serious impact on the company and its customers.

The company's purpose and the impact it's aiming to make

According to Growth Tools, 100 million people in the US are disengaged with their work, with society's younger generation modelling their career choices on these disengaged adults. Subsequently, potential talents are being lost to professions that don't inspire them.

Growth Tools exists to prove there is a different path, that careers in programming, writing and inventing can be exciting and rewarding. They do this by providing their clients with world-class marketing tools, transformational programs and software systems to accelerate their growth.

Why Growth Tools is hiring for this role

The role is of high importance, due to the overwhelming interest in their program, Growth Tools needs more staff to keep up with the demand. They need passionate individuals who are keen on helping clients enrol in their program through personalised and strategic 1:1 enrollment calls.

About the company's tools and training

Growth Tools provides online businesses with SaaS products and a private coaching program to help them double their revenues in a year. By providing clients with a customised marketing roadmap, the company helps them achieve their growth targets more efficiently and effectively.

A rundown of the role, what it involves, and who you'll work with

The sales representative will be trained on qualifying leads, presenting the program, and closing deals. The role will involve working directly with the Director of Sales and three other High-Ticket Sales Advisors all working remotely around North America.

What it's like working for Growth Tools

Employees at Growth Tools benefit from a culture of training and support, with regular sales meetings and 1:1 coaching sessions with the Director of Sales. The company has a high lead closing percentage, an uncapped commission structure, and offers massive income opportunities.

A quick glance at the requirements and benefits

Applicants need to have 2+ years of success as a sales representative, preferably with experience in phone sales. Benefits include health, vision, and dental insurance, uncapped commission plan, regular bonus opportunities and unlimited vacation.

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January 23, 2024


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