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Join BioNews as a part-time copy editor, creating impactful content for those with rare and chronic diseases. Ensure accuracy and clarity in every article.

BioNews Part-Time Copy Editor Role

BioNews is looking for a meticulous part-time copy editor to join its team. The new hire will be responsible for editing and fact-checking a variety of science and medical articles. These articles serve an essential purpose: to provide patients and caregivers suffering from rare and chronic diseases with reliable and informative content. BioNews is a prominent name with 45 disease-focused websites that publish news, resources, and perspectives, aimed at educating and supporting its audience.

Primary Responsibilities

Copy editors at BioNews are tasked with editing news articles and resource pages to ensure they meet the highest standards of accuracy, clarity, and grammar. They also fact-check content, collaborate with PhD science editors, craft engaging headlines, and adhere to SEO best practices. Copy editors must be familiar with AP and BioNews style guidelines and competent in handling digital media elements like links and images.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for this position would be an efficient, detail-oriented editor with a background in health or medical reportage. The ability to work independently for fact-checking through various sources and working under tight deadlines is crucial. Familiarity with content management systems such as WordPress, a solid grasp of SEO, and proficiency in AP Style are essential. The role demands a reliable and organized individual with impeccable time management and strong communication skills.

Job Requirements

Candidates are expected to have a Bachelor's degree in communication, journalism, or a related field, or equivalent professional experience. Moreover, prospective hires should have 3-5 years of experience in an editing role, a background in digital media, with a preference for those versed in health, medical, or life science journalism.

About BioNews

BioNews is a digital healthcare service company deeply invested in the rare disease community. A significant percentage of BioNews employees personally understand the impact of these conditions, bringing passion and authenticity to the company's mission. The company values a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture, encouraging fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Working at BioNews

As a BioNews employee, you can expect a collaborative work culture founded on respect, change-making, and accountability. The work environment supports mission-driven growth and welcomes new, inventive approaches to problem-solving.

Application Process

Candidates willing to apply must pass an editing test. The part-time role demands 25 working hours per week during morning hours aligned with the Eastern time zone. BioNews offers a fully remote work arrangement, accommodating the needs of today's flexible work culture.

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January 24, 2024


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