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Become a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Subspace Labs, leading marketing efforts to revolutionize Web3 and AI integration.

Exciting CMO Role at Subspace Labs

Subspace Labs, at the cutting edge of Web3 technology, is currently searching for a visionary Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to join their dynamic, globally distributed team. This early-stage, venture-backed startup is setting the pace in the AI and Web3 sector, with a mainnet launch scheduled for the upcoming year. Subspace Network is a radically decentralized, state-of-the-art blockchain that runs on a unique proof-of-archival storage (PoAS) consensus mechanism. Firmly grounded in original research sponsored by the US National Science Foundation, Subspace is driving global human-AI collaboration.

CMO Responsibilities and Impact

The CMO will be instrumental in advancing global adoption of the Subspace Network and overseeing marketing strategy, communications, ecosystem development, and partnerships. The role requires a balance of strategic planning and practical execution, with responsibilities including mentorship and team coordination, brand positioning, and the implementation of marketing campaigns aligned with the network's launch.

Additional duties involve developing go-to-market strategies, campaign analysis, content dissemination, community engagement, partnership cultivation, marketing experimentation alongside product and engineering teams, and alignment of marketing efforts with token economics.

Key Marketing Initiatives and Collaboration

The role envisions the planning and execution of innovative marketing strategies to enhance product launches and sustain ongoing campaigns. The CMO will engage in community building among storage farmers and compute operators, plus work with internal teams to integrate marketing with product development and conduct market experiments.

Establishing pivotal media relationships and managing the visual identity of Subspace also fall within the CMO's purview. Additionally, the CMO will maintain and update the Subspace website content and represent the project at industry events, managing marketing budgets and resource distribution effectively.

Qualifications for Success

Preferred candidates will possess at least five years of high-level marketing experience, three years within the Web3 industry, and prior involvement in a technology startup, ideally within the FinTech, RegTech, or Crypto sectors. A creative mindset, marketing campaign innovation, exceptional communication, collaborative cross-team work, and analytical proficiency are essential. Knowledge in AI/ML or a strong interest in AI and Web3 is highly beneficial.

Career Advantages and Benefits

At Subspace Labs, team members enjoy the flexibility of working anywhere globally, competitive salaries with equity and token grants, and insurance benefits for US-based employees. This role offers a unique opportunity to significantly impact the internet's future and participate in international team off-sites.

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January 25, 2024


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