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Join ENS Labs as a Technical Content Writer to create stellar documentation & content, and drive user engagement in a cutting-edge tech environment.

Job Overview

ENS Labs is seeking a passionate Technical Content Writer to join their team. In this role, you will be instrumental in crafting high-quality technical documentation and engaging creative content, playing a key role in user engagement and technical communication. This position is a unique opportunity to facilitate developer empowerment and consumer understanding of digital identity in a company focused on innovations in sovereign data ownership.

Main Responsibilities

Developer Documentation: You will be responsible for creating and managing a comprehensive library of developer documentation, including guides, FAQs, blogs, API documentation, and use case studies.

UX Writing: You will create user-centered copy for improved UX, work with UX designers and product managers, and employ user research to inform writing choices.

Content Creation: Your role involves crafting compelling blog posts and marketing content in line with our brand's voice and strategy, as well as participating in content brainstorming and idea generation.

Collaboration: As a collaborator, you will work with cross-functional teams to translate technical specifications into accessible content, manage content style guides, and uphold documentation quality standards.

Role Requirements

Candidates should have at least 4 years of experience in technical documentation, exceptional writing skills, familiarity with various coding languages, proficiency in technical writing tools, and excellent time-management capabilities. Knowledge of Web3, decentralized systems, or blockchain technology is a plus.

Role Details

The role at ENS Labs is a fully remote, full-time position suitable for those comfortable in a fast-paced environment. Compensation is competitive and based on experience.

ENS Labs' Commitment

ENS Labs is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion and is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

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ENS Labs


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January 25, 2024


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