Proving Systems Security Engineer

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Aztec is revolutionizing Ethereum with full encryption to enhance privacy and security while expanding its capabilities.

About Aztec

Aztec is dedicated to extending the original vision of Ethereum by incorporating full encryption, aiming to realize a secure and private decentralized world computer. The current lack of encryption on public blockchains hampers privacy and requires excess computation for transaction verification.

Innovations at Aztec

The team, composed of skilled scientists and engineers, has developed Plonk, the benchmark zkSNARK, and Noir, a novel zero-knowledge language. Aztec's pioneering effort is crafting an encrypted blockchain built on Ethereum, which is set to make its market debut.

Funding and Growth

Having secured $125 million from prominent investors like a16z crypto and Paradigm, Aztec is rapidly expanding its operations.

Career Opportunity

Aztec is seeking an applied cryptographer or cybersecurity expert with a passion for cryptography, possessing experience in scrutinizing and refining cryptographic protocols. Responsibilities include probing the Zero Knowledge proving systems, detecting flaws, and engineering security automation tools.

Qualifications Required

  • Software security experience (at least 3 years)
  • Low-level language programming prowess (e.g., Rust, C++)
  • Proficiency in applied cryptography and discrete math
  • Strong communication skills in technical matters
  • Cryptography-centric CTF participation is beneficial

Employee Benefits

Perks at Aztec include remote work flexibility, 25 days of holiday plus bank holidays, health insurance, retirement plans, professional development, quarterly offsites, an events budget, and the chance to engage with premier blockchain and FinTech advancements.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Aztec values a diverse and inclusive workplace, encourages creativity, and is committed to providing equal opportunities. The firm is passionate about employing individuals eager to make a tangible impact and shaping the digital privacy landscape.

Company: Aztec
Location: Worldwide

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Software development


January 26, 2024


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