Chief Commercial Officer

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Explore the career opportunity for a talented Chief Commercial Officer at LACNet, spearheading commercial and marketing strategies for digital wallet advancement.

Overview of Digital Wallets for Inclusion and Sustainability Project

On December 6, 2022, the Bank set forth the Digital Wallets for Inclusion and Sustainability project, a continuation of the gains from LACChain. This endeavor focuses on the proliferation of digital wallets in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region. It aims to facilitate management of assets and identities and push for the adoption of a unique, interoperable digital wallet protocol worldwide, emphasizing inclusion and sustainability.

Introduction to the Role of Chief Commercial Officer

LACNet is on the lookout for a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) possessing exceptional skills and dynamism. This role requires leading commercial strategies, catalyzing sales, and driving the organization’s presence in the web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

Job Responsibilities

The CCO must be a visionary leader with expertise in commercialization and marketing within the blockchain sphere. The role encompasses laying strategic foundations for business growth by engaging in partnerships, market expansion, and capitalizing on revenue opportunities, all to fortify LACNet's market position as a blockchain leader in the LAC region.

Main Activities

Responsibilities for the CCO include crafting commercial and marketing strategies, managing partnerships, conducting market analyses, generating revenue, and handling brand management. Additionally, the CCO is expected to develop sales initiatives, strengthen customer relationships, and effectively represent LACNet within the industry.

Required Competencies

Candidates should have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, extensive experience in commercial or marketing roles, and a strong network in related industries. They must also show strategic leadership, boast excellent communication skills, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Proficiency in Spanish and English is essential.

Job Opportunity Summary and Compensation

The role offers a 12-month international consulting contract with potential renewal and a competitive $96,000 salary. The position is remote with a preference for alignment with Washington D.C. working hours.

Interview Process

The interview process includes an HR call, a technical call, a founder/CEO interview, and a final CEO interview, ensuring a thorough selection process for finding the right candidate for LACNet.

Company and Location

LACNet has established itself worldwide, offering a virtual working environment for the forthcoming CCO, alongside potential for international travel related to the job’s responsibilities.

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remote with a preference for alignment with Washington D.C. working hours



January 26, 2024


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