Elevate Labs: Senior iOS Engineer

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Join Elevate Labs as a Senior iOS Engineer. Take the lead on innovative projects, mentor, and build your skills at our award-winning remote company.

About Elevate Labs

Elevate Labs is on a mission to improve people's minds through their award-winning mobile apps, Elevate and Balance. With over 60 million downloads of Elevate and recognition as Apple's App of the Year, they have made a significant impact. Their fully remote team is dedicated to creating joyful, productive lives for billions.

The Role

Elevate Labs is seeking an experienced iOS engineer to contribute to the Balance Sleep & Meditation app. This remote role embraces candidates from North or South America, offering the chance to deliver exceptional user experiences in collaboration with various team departments.


  • Lead technical design and project implementation.
  • Mentor teammates and grow your own skills.
  • Introduce innovative ideas to enhance team processes and technologies.
  • Work beyond iOS when needed, potentially assisting with Android, Backend, Games, and DevOps.


  • 7+ years of professional iOS app development experience.
  • Comprehensive experience with Swift, SwiftUI, and animation implementations.
  • Knowledgeable in automated testing and multi-threaded coding.
  • Excellent communication skills with an up-to-date understanding of iOS technologies.

Preferred Qualifications

  • A strong interest in mindfulness and educational technology.
  • Significant experience with MVVM, reactive programming, CI/CD platforms, and other coding languages and frameworks.


  • Competitive salary with equity, along with comprehensive health insurance.
  • Work flexibility with a home-office stipend, learning, wellness, and travel allowances.
  • Generous PTO, parental leave, and annual company meet-ups.

Hiring Process

The hiring process at Elevate Labs involves a thoughtful review of resumes, conversational interviews, and technical assessments, with a focus on talent density. They encourage candidates to apply with a concise, one-page resume submitted as a PDF.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Elevate Labs is dedicated to creating a diverse team that encourages inclusivity and equity. They welcome applications from all backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of varied perspectives and are actively working towards making their environment more equitable for everyone. Members of underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply.

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Elevate Labs

Remote, North or South America

Software development


January 26, 2024


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