Founding Full Stack Engineer

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Explore a career with Kalder, the innovator in customer engagement with no-code loyalty tools for brands and creators.

About Kalder

Kalder is at the forefront of transforming customer and community engagement with their no-code Interactive Loyalty tools. Designed for brands, sports teams, and creators, Kalder aims to simplify the process of customer acquisition and retention. Their solutions are trusted by renowned names like GODIVA, BLONDISH, Market, and Les Benjamins. Kalder is the place to be for those keen to impact the way brands and creators connect with their audience.

Job Responsibilities

At Kalder, the responsibilities for the role include autonomous building and leading in the development of features and products in close collaboration with the CEO, engineers, and design team. The position involves creating customer-facing features, scaling backend systems, automating for growth, and ensuring high engineering standards for clean and efficient code. Engineers at Kalder are also encouraged to work with smart contract protocols to enhance the company's no-code tools.

Desired Archetype

The ideal candidate will have a leadership mentality, showing initiative in engineering design discussions with solutions that balance various tradeoffs. An ownership mentality is essential, taking responsibility for features and codebase areas, striving to improve and maintain them. Passion for building within the brand and creator economy and commitment to developing robust and scalable infrastructure is also a key trait.

Tech Stack Knowledge

The technological foundation at Kalder includes TypeScript, React, TailwindCSS, Next.js, PostgreSQL, and an interest in Solidity to integrate and work with smart contracts.

Requirements & Expectations

Prospective candidates should have a Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science and a proven track record in building full-stack applications, especially in early-stage teams. An excitement for web3 and the opportunity to work with leading brands and creators globally is a must. Candidates should also possess excellent communication skills for clear documentation, meeting facilitation, and articulate speaking.

What Kalder Offers

Kalder promises outlier pay and equity, as well as access to exclusive merchandise, experiences, and events through its network of brand, creator, and sports team customers. The team at Kalder boasts expertise in both brand and crypto, positioning themselves as leaders in the industry. With a global reach, Kalder is a company that offers a diverse and innovative work environment.

Company Information

Kalder, a company that prides itself on creating cutting-edge customer engagement tools for brands and creators, is seeking passionate individuals worldwide to join their dynamic team.

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Software development


January 27, 2024


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