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LeadIQ is revolutionizing lead generation and sales prospecting. Equipped with innovative tools, they enable sales teams to boost productivity and revenue.

Overview of LeadIQ

LeadIQ, a rapidly expanding company with a focus on modern lead generation and sales prospecting, provides advanced solutions conducive to increasing the efficiency and revenue growth of sales teams. The technology firm has roots in both the Bay Area and Singapore and caters to a broad clientele ranging from nimble startups to established mid-sized companies, all with the goal of enhancing their sales achievements and customer engagement.

Job Role and Responsibilities

The product marketing role at LeadIQ means having a significant impact on customer value and involvement in product strategy, research, positioning, and market introduction. The role requires close collaboration with product management and go-to-market teams to convey the products' value to customers and to orchestrate successful launches.

Core Responsibilities

Successful product marketing at LeadIQ encompasses a deep understanding of customer needs through research and insights, crafting compelling positioning and messaging for the platform, and creating strategic go-to-market plans. Additionally, the role calls for expertise in messaging and sales enablement, including the creation of sales tools and resources to support the sales process.

Desired Skills and Experience

Applicants should possess a blend of competencies such as expertise in go-to-market strategies, crafting positioning/messaging, and competitive intelligence—complemented by a broad skillset across various marketing disciplines. Skills such as exceptional writing, stakeholder management, data-driven decision-making, and an aptitude for translating complex ideas into clear, impactful messages are highly valued.

Requirements and Culture

Candidates with 3-5 years of experience in full-stack product marketing roles within a B2B SaaS environment, particularly in sales or marketing technology, are encouraged to apply. The company upholds a remote working arrangement within the United States and values a culture where feedback and continuous learning are key.

Benefits and Diversity

Employees at LeadIQ enjoy competitive benefits, including medical and dental coverage, a 401K matching program, flexible vacation, wellness days, and paid parental leave. LeadIQ is proud to be an equal opportunity employer dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

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January 27, 2024


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