OnTheGoSystems: Content Marketer for A World-Leading Translation Plugin

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Join OnTheGoSystems as a Content Marketer! Bring your multilingual & SEO skills to a top-rated remote team driving global software solutions.

About OnTheGoSystems

OnTheGoSystems is a prolific company that develops advanced software for websites globally. Established in 2008, they have thrived on a fully remote working model. Their talented team exceeds 100 members across the globe, providing solutions that enhance more than 1.5 million sites. WPML is their esteemed translation tool, assisting a vast number of businesses in their international expansion. They're preparing to launch a novel cloud-based SaaS product intended to cater to millions more.

The Ideal Candidate for Content Marketer

We are in search of a Content Marketer embodying a dual skill set: exceptional content creation and team leadership. Ability to manage multilingual content and SEO proficiency are critical. Past experience in Content Marketing, impressive writing/editing skills, and managerial capabilities are necessary. A clear grasp of how LLMs affect Content Marketing is vital, while SaaS and translation industry experience are advantageous.


The role involves managing both onsite and offsite content strategies, Agile process administration, performance analysis, and SEO leadership. The Content Marketer will guide the content team, craft captivating content, and leverage analytics to optimize our marketing efforts. Keeping abreast of industry trends ensures our content’s perpetual relevance.

What We Offer

OnTheGoSystems provides a 100% remote working position, resources such as a BAMM program, a computer budget, and a Kindle device with company account access. We respect national holidays, encourage rest, and promise a collaborative environment that sparks growth.

Join Our Team

If you are eager to make a substantial impact in an innovative, team-focused company, seize this chance to become a part of OnTheGoSystems. Apply today and propel your career forward with our dynamic team.

To submit your application, please visit the specified remote job listing URL.

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January 27, 2024


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