Senior Go Backend Developer

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Join Benzinga's remote team as a key player in licensing API product development and new technology implementation. Drive innovation remotely!

Job Summary for Remote API Product Development Role at Benzinga

This remote position at Benzinga requires a candidate who is thoroughly familiar with the company's product offerings and is prepared to take on a significant role in the development and implementation of new technology platforms, particularly focusing on API Products. The job revolves around licensing API product development, a task to which the candidate will be entirely dedicated.

The successful applicant will also be responsible for managing and leading product and software development teams. The role necessitates a strategic approach to design and architecture, system integration, and data analysis. The individual will need to ensure that the platforms are scalable and secure while working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.

As part of the job, the candidate will oversee the entire system development life cycle, from inception to deployment, and be accountable for the platform's overall performance. Regular responsibilities include defining system requirements, analyzing current systems, proposing new features, and foreseeing potential integration issues.

Benzinga prides itself on maintaining a cutting-edge technological landscape and expects the candidate to contribute significantly to this ethos. Collaboration with cross-functional teams is essential, and the candidate must have the ability to translate business needs into technical specifications.

Located remotely, the role allows for flexible workspace while staying connected with the team and clients. Although the location is specified as remote, it is assumable that Benzinga also provides necessary support and resources to ensure that the candidate can perform effectively despite the physical distance.

In summary, the ideal candidate for this position will be a tech-savvy professional with a passion for product development and with the experience and expertise to manage complex projects, ensuring that Benzinga continues to thrive as a leader in technology-driven financial media.

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Software development


January 28, 2024


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