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Join Flashbots as a writer in the ETH & MEV space. Ideal for fast learners and those with a knack for complex ideas. Work remotely with a passionate team.

Join the Flashbots Team

Flashbots is looking for a Writer interested in Ethereum, crypto, and MEV. This role suits people who are curious, quick learners, and can intuitively grasp new concepts within the rapidly evolving MEV ecosystem. As part of Flashbots, the Writer would convert complex data and insights into engaging written content, aligning with the company's high standards and core values.

Core Responsibilities

The writer will create data-driven content, highlighting the latest MEV trends and market dynamics. They will also be responsible for crafting educational materials on Flashbots' products like SUAVE. Additionally, the role involves generating content for events that support Flashbots' strategic messages and community engagement.

Qualifications for the Role

An ideal candidate should have a basic understanding of Ethereum and MEV, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively in a remote setting.

About Flashbots

Flashbots emerged in 2020 to address the risks posed by MEV to blockchain ecosystems. Flashbots aim to develop products that promote the decentralization of public blockchains, redistribute MEV, and empower users, ensuring that these solutions are secure and scalable.

The Impact of Flashbots

Since its inception, Flashbots has made significant strides in cryptocurrency, with products like Flashbots Auction and MEV-Boost influencing the Ethereum ecosystem. The company now focuses on MEV-Share and the continued development of its next-generation product, SUAVE.

Flashbots Research

As an independent entity of Flashbots, the research division is at the forefront of MEV research, collaborating with experts globally and sharing findings extensively through

Why Work at Flashbots?

Flashbots offer a competitive salary, equity compensation, unlimited PTO, health benefits for US employees, and a budget for personal development. Employees can enjoy working remotely, travel the globe, and engage with a team of bright minds in crypto.

Diversity at Flashbots

Flashbots embrace diversity and inclusivity, encouraging applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

Company Profile

Company Name: Flashbots Location: Worldwide

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January 29, 2024


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