Senior Software Engineer

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Join Syndica as a Senior Engineer to shape the future of blockchain technology. Develop a high-performance Solana validator client with a skilled, passionate team.

Summary of Syndica's Senior Engineer Role

At Syndica, a company at a breakthrough stage, opportunities abound as it pushes the envelope in the blockchain space. The firm harbors an atmosphere of infectious enthusiasm and offers robust prospects for learning, growth, and collaboration with leading minds in the crypto industry. Syndica enjoys the backing of influential entities like Social Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Solana Ventures, to name a few.

The Senior Engineer role at Syndica entails significant responsibility encompassing the design, implementation, and management of the blockchain infrastructure platform. Prospective candidates must possess expertise in programming languages such as Zig, C, C++, or Rust and embrace the "run what you write" ethos, ensuring the operation and deployment of their own code.

Demonstrable skills in SaaS development and operations are essential, as well as experience in leveraging cloud infrastructure for application development. A successful engineer will not only construct and maintain the environment that supports Syndica's operations but also actively participate in the creation of an efficient, high-performance Solana validator client from scratch.

Qualifications for the role include at least 3 years of professional experience with preferred programming languages, a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, familiarity with alerting and monitoring tools, and a preference for candidates who have operated in highly distributed companies. Synchronization with Central Time Zone business hours is required, as well as a systematic approach to problem-solving combined with strong motivation and ownership of tasks. A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience is also sought after, coupled with a basic understanding of web and network protocols.

The Senior Engineer will lead features from planning to deployment, troubleshoot performance and availability issues, seek improvements in the Solana validator client, and collaborate on technical and open-source projects within the Solana ecosystem. Ensuring adherence to best practices and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field are also key responsibilities. Writing maintainable code and possessing the ability to resolve platform issues to maintain SLAs is vital.

Success in this role is measured in stages; becoming a core Zig developer within three months, achieving independent task delivery in six months, and establishing predictable delivery cadence in twelve months. Applicants can stand out by contributing to the Sig project on their platform and demonstrating proactive engagement with Syndica's technological endeavors.

Syndica is on the lookout for talent ready to contribute significantly to the blockchain landscape, fostering an environment that rewards initiative, adaptability, and dedication. Positioning itself as a global entity, the company offers a unique opportunity for professionals to participate in the cutting-edge development of blockchain solutions.

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Software development


January 30, 2024


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