Sr. Cryptography Engineer

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Join Kraken's mission to promote crypto adoption. Work remotely with experts in cryptography and blockchain technology, and shape the future of finance.

About Kraken and Our Team

Kraken stands out in the digital asset space by being deeply rooted in crypto values and focusing on accelerating global crypto adoption. Their aim is to empower everyone with financial freedom and inclusion. With Kraken's history of attracting top talent in the crypto field, they have established a world-class, diverse team, known as Krakenites, from over 60 countries, speaking more than 50 languages.

Krakenites pioneer in developing premium crypto products catering to a wide range of users from seasoned traders and institutions to those new to the crypto world. The company's pillars rest on uncompromised security, extensive crypto education, and superior client support, demonstrated by their offerings like Kraken Pro, Kraken NFT, and Kraken Futures.

Incubation Team and Opportunities

The Incubation team at Kraken plays a fundamental role in the digital assets industry, focusing on problem identification and delivering innovative solutions. As a part of this team, prospective employees would work alongside adept Rust Engineers, cryptographers, and on-chain experts, embracing open-source, Layer 2 technologies, zero-knowledge proofs, and multi-party computation. The team's goal is to continually assess on-chain scaling solutions and integrate more protocols and decentralized applications into Kraken's ecosystem.

Role and Skill Requirements

The available role within the Incubation team encompasses the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols and layer 2 solutions, smart contract development, and independent research. This role, which supports fully remote work, also offers opportunitiesto attend and contribute to conferences in the on-chain ecosystem.

Candidates are expected to have at least five years of software engineering experience, with extensive knowledge in modern cryptography (including ZKP, MPC, FHE), applied cryptography, technical writing, and experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum's ecosystems. Proficiency in assembly and low-level programming, along with leadership abilities to drive and complete projects, is also essential.

Kraken values diverse backgrounds and contributions and hires based on merit. They encourage applications from candidates with a deep passion or knowledge in crypto, even if they do not meet every listed requirement.

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Software development


January 30, 2024


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