Freelance Proofreading Language Specialist - Slovak

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Join Homify as a Freelance Proofreading Language Specialist and help improve machine-translated content across new markets. No pro experience required!

Opportunity at Homify: Freelance Proofreading Language Specialists

Homify is currently expanding its operations to 13 new markets and is in search of Freelance Proofreading Language Specialists [m/f/d]. The candidates will be responsible for reviewing and editing articles that have been initially translated through automated machine translation services. The key tasks for this role involve ensuring linguistic accuracy, coherence, and rectifying any grammatical, syntactical, or contextual inaccuracies in the translated material.

Role Responsibilities

As a Freelance Proofreading Language Specialist, you will be correcting short articles to fix errors and inconsistencies. You will also work in tandem with the content team to provide valuable feedback and resolve any linguistic ambiguities. Part of the job is to tailor the content according to cultural aspects and local idiomatic expressions to connect better with the target audience.

Candidate Profile

Prospective candidates do not need to be professional translators but must exhibit proficiency in the target language with a strong grasp of grammar and syntax. An exceptional eye for detail is crucial for spotting errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Additionally, having an interest in architecture, interior design, and decoration will be beneficial. Effective time management skills are essential to fulfill the monthly proofreading targets, along with the ability to work independently and communicate effectively.

What Homify Offers

Homify offers a flexible freelance position that can be executed remotely, providing dynamic tasks within a fast-growing company. This role offers an opportunity to individuals eager to work in a company that caters to those passionate about home planning, renovation, and decoration.

About Homify

Homify is a platform dedicated to Home and Living, providing a holistic range of services for home enthusiasts. From planning and renovating to decorating, Homify offers solutions tailored to every home lover's needs.

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Editing and proofreading


January 30, 2024


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