Senior Data Scientist – Generative AI

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Join Target's Data Sciences team and contribute to our culture of joy by developing cutting-edge predictive algorithms and GenAI solutions in a dynamic role.

Working at Target Data Sciences

Embarking on a career with Target Data Sciences involves being at the forefront of developing predictive algorithms and optimization models. Data scientists at Target are responsible for harnessing vast amounts of data to power decision-making processes across various departments, including Marketing and Supply Chain Optimization. In such a role, one can expect to engage in model development, retail domain application, and software development for boosting model performance.

Senior Data Scientist Responsibilities

As a Sr Data Scientist, one is expected to kick-start and assist in the rollout of GenAI features. This involves the creation and refinement of GenAI tools and services, ensuring their proper function and quality across the organization. This role requires staying current with industry trends and utilizing machine learning and deep learning expertise to adjust GenAI models as necessary. Collaboration, agility, and communication skills are essential as the position involves conducting trainings and engaging presentations. Furthermore, job duties are fluid and may evolve with the business needs.

Qualifications and Skills

Target seeks individuals with a degree in STEM fields or relevant experience, proficient in Python, SQL, and big data technologies. The preferred qualifications include an advanced degree and experience with GenAI systems and ML frameworks. A successful candidate is analytical, problem-solving, self-driven, and has excellent communication skills, enabling them to translate data into actionable insights effectively.

Employment Terms and Benefits

The position offers flexible hybrid work arrangements, adapting to daily tasks and team requirements. While mostly remote, occasional travel to the headquarters may be necessary. The compensation package is competitive and includes a comprehensive benefits plan that covers health, wellness, retirement plans, and more, emphasizing Target's investment in its team members' overall well-being.

Compensation Details

Target provides a transparent pay range that is influenced by the labor market, educational background, experience, and relevant certifications. In addition to a base salary, team members receive a variety of benefits designed to support their physical, financial, and emotional needs.

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Target Data Sciences

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January 31, 2024


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