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CBASEmpire seeks passionate back-end developers with 3+ years' experience for remote roles in a dynamic gaming and online gambling environment.

About CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire is currently on the hunt for exceptional back-end developers who have a passion for coding, problem-solving, and continuous improvement. They desire developers who are deeply involved in the gaming and online gambling space and who strive to optimize and 'hack' every aspect of their work. This is not a place for those who are content with a mundane corporate routine; CSGOEmpire is seeking individuals who are unique and driven to grow.

Job Details and Requirements

The company is recruiting fully remote back-end developers to manage an increasing workload associated with their ambitious multi-project development plans. Candidates are expected to have a minimum of 3 years' experience in technologies like PHP 8+ (preferrably with Laravel Framework 10+), MySQL, Redis Cache, Microservices, PHPUnit, and a significant bonus for experience with Node.js. Familiarity with Docker, Jira, and Git (specifically Gitlab) is also required.

Role Responsibilities

Selected developers will work closely with senior and front-end developers to merge features smoothly, fix bugs promptly, enhance performance and scalability, implement REST APIs using top-notch industry standards, ensure rigorous unit testing for a defect-free release, and set themselves on the trajectory to become senior engineers.

Employee Benefits

CSGOEmpire provides a competitive compensation of $60,000 per year and a host of other benefits. These include a mission that champions fairness and transparency in the casino industry, a fully remote working environment that requires synchronizing with Central European Time for a part of the day, limited meetings, a lack of micromanagement, flexible work schedules, substantial growth opportunities, consultancy-based contracts, support for professional development, and laptop upgrade grants.

Company Overview

While the location mention in adverts is purely for administrative reasons, CSGOEmpire is a company committed to making an impact within the casino industry, offering its employees a shot at building something compelling while benefiting from a highly rewarding and flexible work setup.

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Software development


January 31, 2024


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