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Join our remote team as a WordPress Developer! Build features, refactor code, and troubleshoot to scale our platform. Strong PHP, JS, and WP experience required.

Job Overview

As a WordPress Developer at our company, you are the driving force behind our platform's infrastructure, tasked with the creation of new features, improving existing code, resolving bugs, and contributing to the scalable growth of our product. This position suits a motivated, communicative, and proactive individual who thrives in taking a project from its inception to its fruition.

Who Should Apply

You should consider applying if you are an autonomous professional with strong communication skills in English, eager to learn and develop your skill set. A passion for impacting millions of users on the web, a pride in workmanship, and a collaborative spirit are all attributes we value. Our ideal candidate is comfortable working across both front-end and back-end development and doesn't shy away from both large and small tasks.

Main Responsibilities

The role involves a spectrum of tasks including but not limited to GitHub issue triaging, feature and addon development/testing, code refactoring with a focus on backwards compatibility, peer code reviews, and multi-modal team communication.


Applicants are expected to have professional experience in WordPress plugin development, a high proficiency in PHP and MySQL, and familiarity with JavaScript. Competence with modern PHP practices, build tools like gulp and webpack, package managers, third-party APIs, version control, as well as excellent problem-solving skills, are essential. Previous remote work experience and the ability to engage in audio/video meetings during EST business hours are also required.

Desirable Skills

Extra attention will be given to candidates who have deep knowledge of JavaScript frameworks, experience with e-commerce platforms and related APIs, or DevOps experience.


The company offers a competitive salary, life insurance, health benefits, the flexibility of working from home, unlimited PTO post-probation, and a range of other perks including continued learning resources and company-sponsored travel.

Location & Inclusion

This remote position welcomes candidates from around the globe. Our inclusive culture celebrates diversity and ensures equality in employment opportunity regardless of background.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a detailed cover letter with their WordPress development experience, coding samples, personal website, and other relevant links, ensuring their application stands out through thorough proofreading.

While we cannot respond to all applicants, we will reach out to those who are a strong match. Please include your favorite WordPress hook/function and what makes you a great fit for the role in your cover letter.

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January 31, 2024


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