Copywriter (English & Portuguese)

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Join Envato's diverse team! Passionate about inclusivity and making a positive impact? Apply to Envato, no matter your background or location.

Envato's Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

At Envato, inclusivity and diversity are foundational values critical to the company's ethos. Recognizing that individuals from neurodiverse and underrepresented groups may hesitate to apply for jobs unless they meet every criterion, Envato encourages applicants to focus on their experience and passion. The company is open to making reasonable adjustments for those who need them and welcomes applicants to share their pronouns during the recruitment process.

About Placeit at Envato

As part of Envato's growth, Placeit serves as a creative hub offering essential tools, tips, and tricks to digital creatives, marketers, and small business owners worldwide. Boasting over 180,000 subscribers and prestigious clients like Google, Facebook, and Oracle, Placeit has flourished into a global business. Furthermore, Envato is proud to be a B Corp, blending purpose and profit to benefit communities actively. Despite having a fantastic office in Mexico, Envato allows for remote work from anywhere in Mexico with a strong internet connection.

About Your Team

The team at Placeit is in charge of creating the wide array of products available on the platform. Comprising individuals with specialized talents in creative and operative domains, they work collectively to produce a diverse content spectrum, including mockups, design templates, logos, and videos. These offerings assist clients in executing their projects efficiently and effectively.

Purpose of the Role

The Content Copywriters at Envato play a key role by ensuring clarity and engagement in written content across digital and printed products. Their responsibilities hinge on developing, proofreading, and translating copy that resonates with the product's intent for branding, marketing, and social media purposes.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Produce and revise engaging, concise, and error-free content for all projects handed by the Content team.
  • Transform creative briefs into compelling copy that aligns with product objectives.
  • Maintain accuracy and consistency in published content across products and departments.
  • Ensure the content respects the cultural and audience sensitivities to avoid any offensive material or politically incorrect content.
  • Collaborate with Creative Directors and Publishing to deliver seasonal content promptly.
  • Adapt voice, style, and other characteristics to suit the project's requirements, country, and industry targets.

Required Technical Skills & Experience

  • Strong command over Spanish, English, and Portuguese languages, with advanced/native proficiency.
  • A minimum of 3 years' experience in copywriting roles.
  • Proven capacity to manage multiple projects and tight deadlines simultaneously.
  • Marketing and advertising experience across print and online media is critical.
  • Knowledge in creative and tech industries is desirable.

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February 1, 2024


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