Senior Software Engineer EHR Integrations

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Join Tempus and shape the future of precision medicine with AI, real-time insights, and advanced healthcare software solutions. Become a pioneer in cancer research.

About Tempus and The Opportunity

At the forefront of precision medicine, Tempus is integrating artificial intelligence into clinical care. With a cutting-edge platform, Tempus empowers physicians with actionable insights derived from a vast ecosystem of real-world evidence. These insights guide patient treatment more accurately and timeously.

Our Innovative Teams

Teams at Tempus are autonomous, comprising developers, designers, scientists, and product managers. They are tasked with setting goals, developing software, and ensuring a lasting impact on cancer research and treatment. The products are designed to be as agile as the teams, using a tech stack that includes React, NodeJS, Typescript, and Python hosted on GCP. A decentralized, microservices architecture coupled with automation enables the delivery of advanced solutions efficiently and at scale.

Role of a Senior Software Engineer in EHR Integrations

As a Senior Software Engineer specializing in EHR Integrations, your role will be to create synergy between Tempus' platform and the EHR systems of partner practices. This involves constructing full-stack applications aligned with interoperability standards like FHIR and HL7, and crafting overlay applications for browser and desktop-based EHR systems.

What Makes You the Ideal Candidate?

Tempus is seeking individuals with years of software development experience, expertise in healthcare development including EHR APIs (Epic, Cerner, OncoEMR), a passion for solving complex problems, the capability to navigate through distributed and event-based architectures, and the agility to work in a fast-paced environment. Candidates should possess the ability to mentor and are expected to have excellent communication skills.

Additional experience with Docker, cloud services like AWS or GCP, relational databases, UI development, API design, and a background in biotech or genomics would be advantageous.

Key Responsibilities

The role includes working in a Scrum team, maintaining APIs, services, and components, employing progressive software engineering techniques, and facilitating team learning and improvement. Mentoring other software engineers is also a part of the job.

Join Our Team

Tempus is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and is on the lookout for talent who can contribute to its mission remotely, in a hybrid setup, or onsite. This is an opportunity to join a company making significant strides in revolutionizing healthcare through advanced technology and precision medicine.

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Chicago, Illinois

Software development


February 1, 2024


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