Meter Services Technician I

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Explore a career with City of Fort Worth as a Meter Services Technician I. Competitive pay, excellent benefits, and opportunities for professional growth.

Job Opportunity Summary for Meter Services Technician I at the City of Fort Worth

The City of Fort Worth is actively seeking a qualified individual to fill the role of Meter Services Technician I within the Water Department Meter Services section. This position offers a pay rate of $18.50 per hour and requires availability for shift work including mornings, afternoons, holidays, and weekends, with potential unscheduled overtime and a rotating on-call schedule.

Key Responsibilities: The job includes in-field customer service, installation, maintenance, and repair of over 292,000 water meters, responding to customer inquiries, and managing water assets. Technicians operate and maintain city vehicles, equipment, tools, and machinery, and may assist with locating water infrastructure using GIS technology. Customer interaction is a significant part of the job, thus requiring technicians to provide exceptional service.

Benefits: The position comes with an excellent benefits package, including 11 Paid Holidays, medical, dental, and vision insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO), a Pension Plan, and Professional Development Opportunities. More details can be found on the city's official benefits highlights document online.

Qualifications: Candidates must have a High School Diploma or GED, a valid Driver's License, and the ability to pass a physical and drug test. They must also obtain TCEQ Class D and Class C Water Distribution licenses within specified timeframes after hiring. Preferred qualifications include experience in plumbing, mechanical, utilities, or construction, as well as skills in work order systems, bilingual communication, and basic computer knowledge.

Working Conditions: The role demands adaptability to various working conditions, including exposure to environmental factors such as extreme weather and noise, and potential encounters with wildlife and vegetation during outdoor work. Physical demands classify this role as Heavy Work, requiring the frequent lifting of material up to 100 pounds occasionally.

The City of Fort Worth prides itself on a diverse and ethical workplace that mirrors the growing demographic of nearly 1,000,000 residents, with a collective aim to deliver exceptional services and uphold community values.

The job posting will close on Monday, February 12, 2024. Eager candidates are encouraged to apply for this opportunity to build a career with a progressive city offering a pathway for professional growth and development.

Company Info: The City of Fort Worth, located in Texas, United States, is one of the fastest-growing large cities and seeks employees committed to excellence, diversity, and community service.

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The City of Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas



February 1, 2024


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