MailerLite: PHP Developer

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Join MailerLite as a PHP Engineer! Enjoy remote work, innovative tasks, growth opportunities, expert teammates, and stability.

About MailerLite

MailerLite is a rapidly expanding email marketing service, aiding over a million global businesses in customer engagement. The company, comprising a dedicated team of over 130 individuals, is seeking a PHP Engineer to join their ranks and contribute to their products, MailerLite and MailerCheck. This is an opportunity to become part of a team that values dreams, adventures, and a passion for work.

Reasons to Work at MailerLite

The company provides six compelling reasons for why you'll love working there. These include facing stimulating tasks as customers send millions of emails per day, personal and professional growth, exercising ownership over your work, access to a team of experts, flexibility to work remotely, and the benefit of a stable and growing organization.

Role Expectations

The role of a PHP Engineer at MailerLite involves maintaining the existing codebase, implementing new features, enhancing user value, and handling complex tasks. Candidates are expected to have at least four years of PHP, JavaScript, and HTML experience, work with legacy code and modern technologies, leverage frameworks like Angular or VueJS, and possess skills in MySQL, Redis, and queues. Writing clean code with test coverage and building scalable applications are also key expectations.

Desired Skills

MailerLite values individuals who are self-motivated, possess strong problem-solving skills, are proficient in English communication, and take personal responsibility seriously. Bonus skills include familiarity with NodeJS, Golang, Ruby, PHP frameworks like Laravel, and technologies like ElasticSearch.

Compensation and Benefits

The company offers a generous remuneration package ranging from $55,000 to $75,000 per year, remote work flexibility, international health insurance, company-paid retreats, ample vacation time, sick days, creative days, parental benefits, a joy budget, tech tools like MacBooks, and more. The benefits reinforce MailerLite’s commitment to employee well-being and happiness.

Application Process

Interested applicants can learn more about the hiring process and FAQs on the company’s website and apply via the provided link.

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Software development


February 1, 2024


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