Compliance Analyst

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Join the Kraken team, drive crypto adoption and contribute to the future of finance. Embrace a challenging, inclusive work environment and build groundbreaking technology.

Introduction to Kraken's Mission and Culture

Kraken, a global leader in cryptocurrency exchange services, is driven by a mission to increase global crypto adoption and provide financial freedom and inclusion. With a world-class team termed 'Krakenites,' the organization emphasizes a firm commitment to crypto values, top-tier security, client support, and education on cryptocurrency. As a remote company, Kraken hosts employees from over 60 countries, welcoming diverse linguistic abilities and industry expertise to cultivate a unique and productive company culture.

Employment at Kraken

Kraken strives to create a difference in the regulatory landscape by employing individuals who can navigate the intricate frameworks of global policies. As part of the team, Krakenites can work on various innovative compliance and technological solutions, where attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and foundational knowledge of AML programs are highly valued. Specific roles, such as Compliance Analysts, are expected to handle a multitude of tasks, ranging from review and data upload to effective communication across different functions.

Sought-after Skills and Experience

Skills fundamental to succeeding at Kraken include proficiency in compliance regulations, organizational excellence, the ability to independently analyze risk, and verbal and written communication strengths. Proficiency in technological tools and fluency in foreign languages are considered valuable assets. Kraken encourages applicants, even with partial qualification matches, to apply and contribute with their unique strengths to the company's objectives.

Building an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce

Kraken is an equal opportunity employer, eliminating discrimination and fostering an inclusive environment. The company champions diversity in talent and perspectives, hiring based on merit and suitability for roles. Kraken prioritizes creating a supportive workspace for all employees regardless of their individual backgrounds or personal attributes.

Connecting with Kraken

Prospective employees and crypto-enthusiasts are encouraged to stay connected with Kraken through various platforms, including Twitter, the Kraken Blog, and LinkedIn. The ambition to construct a better financial world is an invitation extended to all those passionate about the transformative power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Kraken is not just a cryptocurrency exchange but a forward-thinking tech entity keen on revolutionizing the future of money. With a strong emphasis on innovation, compliance, and a supportive culture, Kraken welcomes prospective employees to join the quest for universal crypto adoption and financial liberty. The company celebrates the dynamism of its team and encourages a thriving collective of Krakenites to shape the landscape of the industry.

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February 1, 2024


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