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Join Addepar's Internship Program as a Product Analytics Intern for an immersive experience in investment analytics and wealth-tech innovation.

Overview of the Addepar Internship Program

Addepar's Internship Program offers participants a chance to work on meaningful projects in a supportive environment. Interns receive extensive onboarding and are paired with managers and mentors to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Participation in the program includes engaging in fun events and receiving exclusive company swag.

Program Structure and Eligibility

The 12-week internship is currently remote and scheduled to run from May to August 2024, focusing on students from the US and Canada. Interns will work with the Investor Persona team, which specializes in creating tools and services for investment decision-makers.

The Role of a Product Analytics Intern

As a Product Analytics Intern, you will delve into the wealth-tech industry and learn about portfolio management, market analysis, data science, and product design. You'll help define product roadmaps, gather requirements, and develop investment analytics using a variety of technologies including Databricks, Python, SQL, Looker, and Hex.

Compensation and Pay Structure

Addepar believes in market-based pay determined by the role's requirements, skills, experience, and location. For the Product Analytics Intern role, the salary range is between $25 and $39 per hour, depending on the specific location within Colorado, California, and New York. Bonuses, equity, and benefits are separate.

Candidate Profile

Prospective interns must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution in the US or Canada and returning to school post-internship. A commitment to the full 12-week program is required, along with experience or education in databases and SQL. Python and SQL programming skills, excellent communication, and experience with BI tools are preferred. A passion for using data to solve problems and an interest in a career in analytics or product management are also desired.

About Addepar

Addepar is a company located in New York City, focusing on innovative products and services in the wealth management technology sector. Professionals and students looking to explore a dynamic career in investment analytics are invited to apply for this enriching internship opportunity.

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New York City

Data analysis


February 2, 2024


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