Survey Team Manager Essex

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Join Octopus Energy in transforming the energy sector with smart, renewable solutions. Be part of our dynamic team to lead the zero-carbon journey!

About Octopus Energy Group

Octopus Energy Group is on a spirited mission to make an impactful contribution to the global renewable energy revolution. The company requires a plethora of passionate individuals to realize its vision of a sustainable future. Octopus Energy Services is at the forefront of this green transformation, implementing technologies such as smart meters, EV chargers, low carbon heating, home batteries, and solar panels to provide customers with smart, low-carbon energy solutions.

Our Passion for Renewable Technologies

We are invested in renewable energy tech like smart meters, heat pumps, and solar PV which instantly reduce carbon footprints and empower customer energy control. Octopus is seeking Surveyor Team Managers who are equally enthused about transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable, smart technologies.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Octopus, customers are the core of all our initiatives. Our diverse and industry-leading field force is committed to delivering the exceptional experience that Octopus Energy customers celebrate.

Role Dynamics

This remote role requires frequent travel to Slough and involves inspiring a team of Low Carbon Technology Surveyors, fostering their growth, managing performance, and ensuring a focus on safety, well-being, and outstanding customer service.

Role Responsibilities

The candidate will mentor and develop the team, lead by example in customer engagement, collaborate with various departments for service quality, partake in active recruitment to enhance the team, and contribute to ongoing projects and process improvements.

What We Look For

Prospective leaders should be proactive, resilient, and boast strong organizational skills. A growth mindset, passion for continuous learning, and a drive to innovate are critical for the role. Equally essential is a commitment to energy efficiency and fighting climate change.

Culture and Perks

Octopus Energy is renowned for its unique culture and has been recognized as a great place to work. With a flexible approach to salaries and a wide array of perks, the company seeks enthusiastic, honest, and empathetic individuals to join the team.

Equality and Inclusivity

As an equal opportunity employer, Octopus Energy Group champions inclusivity and encourages a diverse range of candidates to apply, promoting equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of their background.

Join the Team

If you find alignment with these values and the role excites you, Octopus Energy Group eagerly awaits your application to help steer the world toward green, renewable energy.

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Octopus Energy Group


Project Management


February 2, 2024


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