Event Temple: Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

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Join Event Temple as a Senior Software Engineer! Remote role in Canada for experienced Ruby backend engineers passionate about hospitality tech.

Opportunity at Event Temple

Event Temple, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, is on the hunt for a full-time Senior Software Engineer to expand its team. The role is remote, available exclusively to candidates within Canada. Event Temple is a dynamic and fast-paced company with an ambitious goal to conquer the hospitality market, aiming to cater to a spectrum of hospitality-related businesses including hotels, conference centers, wedding venues, and restaurants. They are keen on fostering a team-oriented winning culture.

The company's mission is centered around revolutionizing the sales and catering space in the hospitality industry with a clear target to dominate the market by servicing 10,000 hotels and venues.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate for this role is someone with a passion for backend engineering, especially with expertise in Ruby. Experience with large-scale Ruby on Rails applications and an in-depth understanding of PostgreSQL are essential, as is the ability to mentor and share knowledge with less experienced team members.

Job Responsibilities

The Senior Backend Engineer will play a pivotal role in product development, aiding in the design, development, and optimization of backend systems. Collaboration with various teams to ensure optimal system performance, security, and reliability is part of the job. This also includes requirement analysis, continuous improvement, participation in code reviews, and problem-solving of bottlenecks and bugs.

Required Skills

Candidates must possess at least 5 years of experience in building complex software systems, strong knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and advanced database design and performance tuning skills with Postgres. They should also have experience in leading projects from inception to launch, and in mentoring junior engineers.

Preferred Additional Experience

Additional experiences that are considered a bonus include working with Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Sidekiq, and using observability tools like New Relic.

Who Fits the Culture?

Event Temple is seeking individuals who are creative problem-solvers, self-motivated, resilient, and adaptable. The right candidates dislike the corporate routine, want to have a significant impact, enjoy freedom, are team-oriented, and are passionate about building a future rich in events, travel, and experiences.


Event Temple offers a competitive compensation package, a remote-friendly work environment, a company culture that values your ideas and contributions, and the chance to be a part of a compelling success story.

Application Process

Those interested in joining the team that values creativity, motivation, resilience, and desires to play a significant role in the event landscape can apply through the provided link on the We Work Remotely website.

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Event Temple

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Software development


February 2, 2024


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