Interaction Design Foundation: Senior PHP (Laravel) Developer

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Join the Interaction Design Foundation as a Senior PHP Developer for a remote, full-time opportunity. Apply now to revolutionize UX education!

Senior PHP Developer Role at Interaction Design Foundation

The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) has established itself as a front-runner in UX/UI design education. Known for high-quality courses, IxDF is seeking a Senior PHP Developer to join their ranks. The position is remote, full-time, designed for candidates in time zones from Europe to Western Asia.

Culture and Work Environment

IxDF supports investing in code quality, as the founder is a developer himself. The work culture promotes collaboration, values your ideas, and encourages growth. The team consists of senior PHP developers in a diversified and organized environment that fosters both personal and professional development.

About the Project

The Dev Team focuses on a web application that hosts a range of educational materials, community tools, and steadily maintains a high standard for code and features. Tools like PHPStan, Rector, PHPUnit, and GitHub actions are part of the highly automated CI.

The Technology Stack

Developers at IxDF use the latest PHP and Laravel versions, JavaScript, Vue.js, Docker, MySQL, Redis, and more. Emphasis is on performance, stability, and continual deployment with tools such as PHPUnit and GitHub actions.

Main Responsibilities

The role involves backend development of, including new features, refactoring, and documentation. The position requires working with cross-functional teams, PR reviews, and frequent code deployments.

Candidate Requirements

Applicants should be experts in PHP and frameworks like Laravel, with over 6 years of OOP experience. A strong proclivity for teamwork, excellent English communication skills, self-motivation, and a desire for continuous self-improvement are essential. Extra qualifications include experience with TDD, database scaling, Vue 3, Angular, or mobile app development.


IxDF offers a zero-effort development environment, fully remote work, frequent team trips, a focus on skills development, and a scalable impact-driven model. The company values real-world achievements, self-discipline, and a performance-driven culture.

Application Process

Candidates are encouraged to apply directly on the IxDF Careers page. The company adheres to a philosophy of prompt action and is eager to welcome new talent to the team.

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Interaction Design Foundation


Software development


February 2, 2024


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