Account Executive, Strategic Account (Central US)

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Join Upbound as an Account Executive - Central US to help enterprises modernize cloud architecture with Crossplane-powered solutions. Apply now!

Upbound and the Cloud Control Plane Revolution

Upbound is the driving force behind the open source project Crossplane, which initiated the control plane revolution in the cloud native community. Their Universal Cloud Platform, powered by Crossplane, provides companies with comprehensive, real-time insights across infrastructure environments, and a Kubernetes-like API approach to infrastructure and policy management.

Account Executive - Central US: Role Overview

The Account Executive is a key member of the field sales organization, charged with developing, managing, and closing sales opportunities with enterprise customers. This outside sales role collaborates closely with demand generation, solutions engineering, product teams, and the VP of Sales to facilitate a customer's journey through modernizing their cloud platform.

Primary Responsibilities and Goals

  • Meet and exceed revenue goals, maintaining alignment with Upbound's financial objectives.
  • Serve as the primary representative and customer point of contact.
  • Prospect and develop sales opportunities and engage in complex enterprise sales campaigns.
  • Guide customers through the adoption of Upbound products and services.
  • Generate leads and cultivate new customer relationships alongside channel partners.
  • Document sales details to maintain accurate sales pipelines.
  • Continuously improve sales processes and materials.
  • Travel for customer engagement and industry events as necessary.

Candidate Profile and Qualifications

  • Record of achieving and exceeding sales targets with top performance rankings.
  • Expertise in enterprise cloud or cloud-native product sales, with experience in open source offerings.
  • Capacity to effectively assess potential sales opportunities.
  • Passion for introducing innovative products to the market.
  • Dedication to customer success and relationship building.
  • Exceptional communication and collaborative skills.

Additional Advantages for Candidates

  • Strong grasp of Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, Ansible, Chef.
  • Proven experience selling disruptive technology.

Upbound's Commitment to Culture and Diversity

Upbound values a culture of accountability, craftsmanship, customer advocacy, decisive collaboration, community care, ownership, and vulnerability. The company not only develops cutting-edge technology but also fosters a great culture for learning and growth. Upbound is committed to inclusivity and encourages a diverse range of applicants to bring their unique selves to the team.

Originally seen on Himalayas, Upbound emphasizes the importance of culture alongside technology and is seeking talented individuals to join their team and contribute to both. They champion an open and iterative approach, reflecting the ethos of the open source community they serve.

This job offer was originally published on Himalayas


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Central US



February 2, 2024


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