Spécialiste senior des comptes fournisseurs Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

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Discover Mistplay, the leading mobile gamer loyalty program with over 20M users globally, focusing on growth, innovation, and a dynamic workplace.

Overview of Mistplay

Mistplay is heralded as the premier loyalty program for mobile gamers, boasting an impressive user base of over 20 million people globally. The platform is a hub for players to discover new games, connect with friends, and earn attractive rewards. Reflecting rapid progress, Mistplay has been recognized as the third fastest-growing technology company in Canada. At its core, the company's success is driven by a commitment to innovation, which includes the development of novel applications and robust Ad Tech tools. Mistplay's growth is fueled by strategic, data-driven, and creative collaboration, continually exploring the possibilities of technology and gaming.

The Role of Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

The Senior Accounts Payable Specialist is a pivotal role within Mistplay's finance team, which is responsible for managing financial transactions, processing invoices and payments, and reporting to the Controller. This role involves the optimization of the accounts payable, expense, and reimbursement processes. The Senior Specialist will play an influential part in various projects such as the implementation of Netsuite, expense reimbursement systems, and procurement processes, thereby shaping the future of Mistplay's payment procedures.

Key Responsibilities

The Senior Accounts Payable Specialist at Mistplay is tasked with managing the payment platform and vendor processes, ensuring invoice verification, facilitating approvals, and handling vendor onboarding. They coordinate the collection of receipts and categorize credit card transactions for the ERP system, meticulously tracking department allocations, GL codes, and sales tax. Additionally, the role includes managing expense reimbursements in coordination with Payroll and HR, and serving as a trusted finance representative managing inquiries and demands. Month-end closing activities, analyzing spending patterns, and identifying savings and control improvements also fall within this scope.

Desired Qualifications and Skills

Candidates should have at least 5 years of accounts payable or related experience within an accounting team, exhibit initiative, make sound decisions, and possess meticulous attention to detail. Adaptability to manage AP processes and a desire to hone these at Mistplay are important. Understanding sales tax regulations in Quebec and Canada, with international knowledge being advantageous, is required. Candidates should also have experience with AP management software such as Zip, Netsuite, Float, and others.

Internally, this position is classified as a P3 level role.

Why Choose Mistplay?

Mistplay goes above and beyond to create an engaging and enjoyable work environment, offering a variety of perks, both virtually and in-person, including team lunches, game nights, and company-wide events. The company culture nurtures growth, supported by a team of intelligent, dynamic, and passionate individuals. Data-driven decision making is a cornerstone of the culture, inviting continuous learning and innovation in an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas, risk-taking, and actualization of visions.

Company Profile

Located in Montreal, Mistplay represents a chance to be part of a thriving tech community, pushing the boundaries of gaming and technology. The company promises not just a job, but a workplace where growth is intrinsic and every employee is a key contributor to the success of the platform.

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February 3, 2024


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