getitdone GmbH: Brand Partnership Manager China (m/f/d) / in Shanghai

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Seeking a Brand Partnership Manager to foster strategic relationships with Chinese brands and drive engagement for Pamela Reif's vision in China.

Job Opportunity: Brand Partnership Manager (China)

GetItDone GmbH is offering an exciting job opportunity for a Brand Partnership Manager based in Hamburg, Germany, targeting the Chinese market. This key position revolves around developing strategic partnerships and collaborations that resonate with the brand identity of Pamela Reif and effectively engage her target audience within China.

Core Tasks and Responsibilities

The Brand Partnership Manager will be responsible for cultivating meaningful relationships with influential Chinese brands that align with Pamela Reif's vision and values. This role involves identifying and negotiating collaboration opportunities, leveraging networks to secure brand sponsorships and endorsements, and integrating partnerships into Pamela Reif's content strategy. The goal is to drive brand awareness and engagement through co-marketing initiatives while staying attuned to new trends and opportunities in the Chinese market for better brand exposure.

Additional responsibilities include managing key stakeholder relationships, analyzing partnership performance to optimize strategies, and keeping abreast of industry developments and competitor activities to identify new partnership possibilities.

Job Requirements

Prospective candidates should have a strong network with established relationships with Chinese brands, particularly in the fitness, lifestyle, and wellness sectors, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese social media landscape. Successful experience in developing brand partnerships in China, along with excellent negotiation and communications skills, is essential. A strategic mindset with a firm grasp on brand positioning, analytical skills for evaluating brand partnership effectiveness, and fluency in Chinese and English are also required.

Benefits and Working Environment

The position offers the chance to work in an urban, creative environment located in the center of Hamburg. Candidates will join a young, dynamic team with vast experience in management and social media. Being part of this up-and-coming team, you'll have a chance to shape the company's future from day one.

To apply for this opportunity to make a significant impact on Pamela Reif's brand engagement in China, interested candidates should visit the provided We Work Remotely link and submit their application.

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GetItDone GmbH

Hamburg, Germany



February 3, 2024


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