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Join Launch Potato, a leading digital media company, and drive content strategy and production for All About Cookies. Apply to make a significant impact.

Launch Potato: Pioneering The Discovery and Conversion Journey

Launch Potato is a prominent digital media company with a robust portfolio, serving as a crucial intermediary connecting advertisers to customers throughout the consumer journey. With its headquarters in the lively downtown of Delray Beach, Florida, the company boasts an internationally distributed team across various countries. Celebrated for its dynamic culture and entrepreneurial, high-performing team, Launch Potato seeks teammates and partners who share their vision and energy.

Opportunity to Lead Digital Content Strategies

As a lead content strategist for All About Cookies, you will be responsible for steering the content direction, ensuring each publication adheres to the company's high standards and aligns with business scaling and revenue goals. You will be tasked with managing the content production workflow, understanding the nuances of content marketing, and possessing expertise in digital security matters like cybersecurity, antivirus programs, VPNs, and internet providers.

Your role will involve daily management of content production, from hands-on tasks to strategic planning. The candidate must possess excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

Defining Success in Your Role

Success in this position means expanding the audience and revenue for All About Cookies, primarily through organic search. Key responsibilities include shaping content strategy, managing editorial calendars, producing and delivering content efficiently, and providing detailed quarterly reports. You will also be responsible for hiring, mentoring, and managing editorial staff, ensuring compliance with editorial standards and SEO best practices.

Core Requirements for Success

To thrive in this role, you must have over seven years of experience in digital content marketing, at least three of which should include management and team growth. Moreover, you need a deep understanding of SEO, experience with Google Analytics, and the ability to edit content for monetization. A candidate must be adept at working in a high-growth environment and have robust project management skills. Knowledge of Slack, Google Suite, and Asana, along with basic HTML, is essential.

Total Rewards & Compensation

The compensation package is competitive, with a salary range between $85,000 to $100,000, plus profit-sharing bonuses and benefits. Launch Potato emphasizes performance-driven progress, with potential salary increases based on company and personal achievements.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Launch Potato is dedicated to cultivating a diverse, inclusive work environment and is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion, without discrimination.

If you're driven to make an impact in a profitable, rapidly expanding company, consider applying for a role at Launch Potato, where you can contribute significantly to their mission. Visit their careers page for more information.

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Launch Potato

Delray Beach, Florida

Web content writing


February 4, 2024


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