Sr. Data Scientist – Payments and Fraud/Trust

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Join Lime's mission for a carbon-free future as a key member of the Data Science & Analytics team, driving informed decision-making and innovation.

Company Overview

Lime is at the forefront of shared electric vehicle services, orchestrating a transformative vision for urban mobility that is both shared and carbon-neutral. A standout in its field, Lime has been recognized by Time and Fast Company for its influential role and pioneering achievements. Celebrating a rare industry milestone, Lime recorded a year of profitability in 2022, paving a sustainable road ahead.

Role of Data at Lime

At Lime, data isn't just an asset; it's the compass that guides every strategic decision and innovation. The company's commitment to data-driven excellence is evident in every facet of its operations, from vehicle design and deployment to customer service and supply chain optimization. It's this relentless pursuit of insights through data that keeps Lime ahead in the shared mobility race.

Joining the Team

As Lime expands its horizons, it seeks a highly analytical and curious individual to bolster its Data Science & Analytics team. This role will demand a fusion of expertise in quantitative analysis and machine learning, requiring strong problem-solving capabilities and robust interdisciplinary collaboration across Product, Engineering, and Operational departments. Candidates should be ready to navigate a fast-paced environment while influencing key business outcomes through actionable data insights.

Core Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be hands-on in detecting fraud and optimizing various processes within performance and user experience. From developing ML models to tracking business metrics via dashboards, the role is a blend of technical acumen and strategic influence, involving real-time incident response and a constant balance between fraud prevention and user satisfaction.

Candidate Profile

Prospective team members must bring a solid academic background in quantitative fields, extensive professional experience in data-oriented roles, and a comprehensive set of technical skills including mastery of SQL, Python or R, and knowledge of distributed data systems. Communication prowess and strategic thinking are equally important to bridge the gap between data and decision-making.

Preferred Experience

Ideal candidates will be familiar with tools and processes that enhance data pipeline efficiency, such as Airflow and dbt, and possess a background in payments and fraud mitigation strategies.

Compensation and Culture

The remuneration package for this position is competitive and depends on qualifications and experience. Lime fosters a robust corporate culture, prioritizing mutual respect and collaboration among employees, encouraging them to excel in their roles and contribute significantly to the company's global mission.

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Data science


February 6, 2024


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