Quiet: Senior Software Engineer

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Join Quiet as a Senior Software Engineer for a P2P communication tool alternative to Big Tech. Remote position with equity and unlimited PTO.

About Quiet

Quiet is a free, peer-to-peer software aiming to be an alternative to mainstream platforms like Slack and Discord. Its mission is to provide Internet users with a way to communicate and collaborate through devices they own, without the need for centralized servers. The service is in the middle of development, with functioning desktop and Android versions, and an iOS version on the way. Quiet is being actively used by its own team, yet several core improvements and features must be realized to make it a viable daily option for users seeking a serverless communication platform.

Job Opportunity

Quiet is looking for a senior software engineer with over five years of experience in user-facing software, capable of mentoring others, and ready to tackle challenges using their stack which includes Electron, React, React Native, Node.js, and TypeScript. Experience in test-driven development and familiarity with peer-to-peer technologies are key qualifications. Candidates should be able to work in US or European time zones and contribute significantly right away.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Candidates should bring a strong background in software development for desktop or mobile and a readiness to mentor fellow engineers. They should be adept in test-driven development, have a willingness to engage with new tools and research applicable to Quiet's needs, and possess strategic long-term risk and scope assessment skills. Plus points are given for experience with peer-to-peer or local-first software, security, scalability, or expertise in tech like Tor, IPFS, libp2p, or distributed databases.

Benefits and Diversity

Quiet offers a complete remote work setting, in-person retreats, competitive salaries ranging from $60-$160k based on experience, equity, and unlimited PTO. Additionally, Quiet emphasizes equality, encouraging applications from people of any race, color, religion, gender, and more. They are particularly welcoming to individuals from groups that are underrepresented in tech, promoting diversity within their team.

Apply Now

Interested candidates can reach out to jobs@quiet.chat for more information or apply directly through the provided link. Quiet fosters an inclusive work environment, urging those unsure about meeting all criteria to apply as well, valuing a candidate's learning potential and motivation over checking every box.

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Software development


February 7, 2024


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