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Explore opportunities at PhotoCircle, where you can work on backend services for a popular private photo & video sharing app used by millions.

About PhotoCircle

PhotoCircle is a popular private photo and video sharing service with a vast user base comprising consumers and businesses. Users can create private albums known as 'Circles' and invite select contacts to join. The service caters to a wide array of users, particularly college students and individuals interested in travel and social events across the United States. In 2022, PhotoCircle expanded its reach by introducing a dedicated platform for businesses that deal with physical goods and services. This new platform enables businesses to handle their user base and manage circles efficiently, scaling their operations effectively.

The app's consumer design simplicity has earned it an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars from 66k reviews on the Apple App Store, and it ranks within the top 50 apps in the Photo & Video category. Initially available on iOS and Android, the service has extended web access exclusively for business users.

Job Restrictions

PhotoCircle has outlined specific restrictions for job applicants: no agencies or recruiters should make contact, and there are prohibitions against contacting the company through email, phone, or LinkedIn.

The Job at PhotoCircle

The available position at PhotoCircle entails working on the backend services that underpin the app's functionality and data storage. The company’s technological stack includes Python, PostgreSQL, and a suite of other technologies such as HAProxy, Envoy, and Redis. PhotoCircle has also developed proprietary services tailored to their needs.

Key Responsibilities

Key responsibilities for the backend services role include developing new APIs for mobile and web applications, maintaining existing services, troubleshooting issues across the full technology stack, analyzing data for sales and marketing insights, and constructing enterprise-level APIs and services.

What It Takes: Must-Have Skills

The ideal candidate will exhibit an exceptional proficiency in Python development, experience with customer-facing systems, strong knowledge of API and service testing/QA practices, as well as a robust understanding of Linux use and software engineering principles. Proficiency in written English communication is also imperative.

Additional Qualifications

Desirable skills include experience with PostgreSQL, familiarity with AWS, additional experience with gRPC, basic web programming, DevOps, and insights into SOC 2 compliance.

Working at PhotoCircle

PhotoCircle's team operates in a distributed manner, leveraging asynchronous communication via Slack, Notion, and Figma, without the need for calls or Zoom meetings. Emphasizing agility and flexibility, employees are free to choose their work hours and location, provided they deliver the expected results.

Company Details

While the summary provided does not specify the physical location of PhotoCircle, the job opportunity highlights the company's modern approach to work, emphasizing a remote and flexible work environment that values individual contribution and team collaboration.

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Software development


February 8, 2024


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