TravelBeat - Sales & Marketing: Ticketing & Affiliates Coordinator

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Join TravelBeat, an award-winning sales & marketing company in the tourism industry. Seeking a Ticketing & Affiliates Coordinator for our dynamic team.

TravelBeat - An Exciting Opportunity in Tourism Sales & Marketing

Established in 2015, TravelBeat has emerged as a recognized multi-award-winning sales & marketing company specializing in the b2b market within the tourism sector. With a diverse range of partners, including Destinations, City Passes, and top brands in Culture, Heritage, and Sports, TravelBeat prides itself on effectively targeting markets across the UK, North America, and Continental Europe.

As the company experiences rapid growth, it presents two career opportunities to join its robust and dynamic team. Currently, TravelBeat is on the lookout for a Ticketing & Affiliates Coordinator with a passion for the tourism industry and a career-focused mindset.

The ideal candidate to join TravelBeat’s vibrant team would be outgoing, creative, driven, and highly organized—a perfect fit for a bustling small-team environment where versatility is crucial. The company culture promotes a balanced mix of professionalism and fun, encouraging employees to grow their skills and move up along with the company.

Qualifications for the position include a degree-level education, excellent analytical skills, effective communication abilities, and competence in MS Office tools. The role requires translating complex data into insightful reports, managing partner relationships, and ensuring TravelBeat's databases and digital platforms are up-to-date and efficient. Additionally, the coordinator will be responsible for executing affiliate marketing strategies to maximize partner exposure and performance.

TravelBeat takes pride in being an equal opportunity employer, welcoming candidates from diverse backgrounds and prohibiting discrimination. The job entails handling various tasks related to tourism ticketing systems, utilizing technology adeptly, and having superior time management skills.

Desirable qualities for applicants include experience in performance-based or affiliate marketing, knowledge of APIs, AI use, an interest in tourism products, multilingual abilities, and customer service experience. A valid driver's license and an active passport complement the profile for potential candidates.

The benefits of the role consist of flexible work hours, competitive salary, ample holiday time plus bank holidays, and the opportunity for a fully remote work arrangement post-probation. Applicants with a second language, especially French, German, Spanish, or Mandarin, will find themselves at an advantage.

If you are enthusiastic about forging a career in tourism sales and marketing and believe you have the skills to excel as a Ticketing & Affiliates Coordinator, TravelBeat encourages you to apply through the provided link.

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UK, North America, and Continental Europe



February 8, 2024


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