Aha!: Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer (Notebooks)

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Join Aha!—a unique, remote SaaS company offering top product development software used by over 600,000 product builders worldwide.

Aha! - The Leading High-Growth SaaS Platform

Aha! stands out as a self-funded, remote SaaS company that's highly profitable. Offering the world's leading software for product development, Aha! helps teams create products that customers love. With tools such as Aha! Roadmaps, Ideas, Notebooks, and Develop, over 600,000 product builders have found their go-to suite for bringing visions to life. Training through Aha! Academy further supports users in becoming product experts. Aha! is celebrated for its remote work culture, contributions to the Bootstrap Movement, and philanthropic gifts via Aha! Cares.

Engineering Excellence in a Remote Setting

Aha! Engineering is a remote, mid-sized team adopting North American time zones for seamless collaboration. The onboarding program gears new hires to swiftly contribute. Shipping multiple code deployments daily, they emphasize product functionality over cumbersome processes, fostering team connection through knowledge-sharing and minimized meetings. The engineering blog highlights their innovative methods for problem-solving.

Innovative Technology Stack

The Aha! web application is crafted with a Ruby on Rails single-instance, multi-tenant monolith backed by Postgres, Redis, and memcached. A parallel Node.js webserver enables real-time collaboration. Front-end innovations incorporate increasing amounts of React for a dynamic user experience, achieving a balance with Rails' simplicity. Hosted on AWS and designed with ECS, the stack exemplifies a careful union of advanced technology with mindful maintenance.

What Aha! Expects from Its Engineers

Engineers at Aha! should bring strong Ruby on Rails expertise, with a company-supported foray into React for those less familiar. Soft skills like kindness, problem-solving, humility, and eagerness to learn are equally valued. Expectations include experience in cloud-based product features at scale and active collaboration with product teams. Senior engineers will engage in full-stack feature development, React-based UI work, performance optimization, bug resolution, documentation, and style guides.

Career Growth and Benefits at Aha!

Aha! is dedicated to the professional growth of its team members, offering competitive salaries (ranging in the US from $110,000 to $190,000), profit sharing, comprehensive health benefits, generous PTO, parental leave, education allowances, and volunteer opportunities. Leveraging meaningful work and partnership in a growth-focused environment, Aha! aims to imbue a sense of engagement and fulfillment in its employees. International team members receive comparable benefits to those offered in the U.S.

How to Apply

Prospective candidates passionate about coding, collaboration, and cultivating a career with a leading SaaS company can apply through the provided We Work Remotely link. Each application receives human attention, ensuring a personalized review process.

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Software development


February 8, 2024


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