Senior Technical Program Manager Restaurants

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Join SoundHound AI's dynamic team as a Senior Technical Program Manager, driving voice AI tech in a global, values-driven company. Apply now and lead innovation!

SoundHound AI's Senior Technical Program Manager Opportunity

SoundHound AI is revolutionizing the way individuals interact with products through conversational intelligence in various languages worldwide. The core focus is on creating Voice AI products that are intuitive and integrated into everyday technology such as cars and restaurant services. The company's journey now includes an exciting career opportunity for a Senior Technical Program Manager.

The new Senior Technical Program Manager will spearhead initiatives for Employee Assist and Dynamic Interaction products, particularly customized for the restaurant industry. A strong grasp of project management, software engineering principles, and voice AI technology is essential. The role entails driving the technical scope and ensuring smooth integration of AI technology into partner restaurants.

As a strategic lead, the candidate will play a pivotal role in shaping the team's development trajectory, fortifying engineering processes, managing project timelines, and adapting roadmaps to achieve successful outcomes.

Collaboration with SoundHound AI's international teams across North America and Europe will be required, working together to develop tools that allow the company's restaurant products to thrive in the market.

Positions are available within the Eastern Time Zone of Canada, with a preference for those based in Toronto for the advantage of in-person cooperation. SoundHound AI offers a comprehensive compensation package, including salary, equity, healthcare, paid leave, and numerous other benefits.

Role Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Management of project requests, risk assessment, and prioritization of engineering tasks.
  • Leading project execution and resolving issues that may obstruct progress.
  • Cooperation with cross-functional teams to uphold project deliverables.
  • Optimization of processes for heightened visibility and scalability of engineering operations.
  • Enhancing the speed of engineering development through effective strategies.
  • Mentoring team members and instituting processes for quality and timely outcomes.

Candidate Profile

Aspiring candidates should have substantial experience in technical program management or engineering, managing software teams, and be skilled in project management methodologies and tools. Familiarity with global team collaboration and the implementation of complex AI systems is highly valued. A degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or similar, or equivalent experience, is required.

If you have previous startup exposure or have worked in domains related to AI, ML, voice, or search technology, your application would be particularly welcome.

Company Culture and Benefits

SoundHound AI prioritizes a values-driven environment that champions support, transparency, resilience, agility, and determination to succeed. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are pillars of the company's identity. With its commitment to building a global team, the company ensures that every team member is supported and can contribute to their fullest potential.

Employees at SoundHound AI benefit from comprehensive healthcare, generous leave policies, wellness perks, and flexible work hours. More information about the company's culture and benefits can be found on their careers page.

SoundHound AI also practices inclusiveness for individuals with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations for interviews, essential job functions, and access to employment benefits.

The invitation is open for passionate individuals to join SoundHound AI's team and add their unique expertise to the company's mission of advancing voice AI technology.

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SoundHound AI

Toronto, Canada

Project Management


February 9, 2024


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