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Edge & Node pioneers the web3 revolution, empowering open data and autonomy with The Graph's infrastructure. Join a future of decentralization and innovation.

Overview of Edge & Node

Edge & Node is positioned at the forefront of the web3 movement, advocating for a digitized realm grounded in personal autonomy, collective self-rule, and boundless cooperation. Spawned by the visionaries of The Graph, a renowned blockchain indexing protocol, Edge & Node's mission centers on establishing The Graph as the immutable cornerstone of the internet's open data ecosystem. Embracing their role as industry trendsetters, they integrate subgraphs universally, asserting The Graph's preeminence in organizing and querying blockchain data.

The Philosophy of Edge & Node

The company’s ethos is firmly rooted in decentralization and the democratization of the web. Urging the internet towards a paradigm where power isn't concentrated and truth is defined by consensus rather than authority, Edge & Node envisions an internet resistant to censorship, where information flows freely and isn't under the yoke of a single dominion. They nurture open-source development as a beacon of innovation and foresee a permissionless future unfettered by the controls of traditional gatekeepers, relying instead on trustless systems and smart contracts to ensure security and reliability.

Building the Team: Current Opportunities

The Product Engineering team at Edge & Node, known for its adaptive and cooperative approach, designs and refines the user interfaces and back-end systems that underlie customer-facing products. They are seeking a QA Engineer who is deeply customer-focused and detail-oriented. This role involves manual feature testing, issue triaging, automation of tests, and enhancing coding standards—vital for maintaining the calibre of Edge & Node's product offerings.

Qualifications and Expectations

Candidates for the QA Engineer position are expected to have a robust educational background in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline, or to possess equivalent hands-on experience. They must demonstrate outstanding communication abilities, proficiency in JavaScript or a similar scripting language, experience with SQL, and ideally, familiarity with the web3 space.

About The Graph

As part of the description, there is a mention of 'The Graph', but further details about the company or its location are not provided within the supplied text.

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Edge & Node

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Software testing


February 9, 2024


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